In order to help a younger generation of entrepreneurs succeed, there are a few key skills we should start teaching in school.

I don’t have kids yet, but I think about them. And I’m already thinking about the skills they are going to need 25 years from now — in the event that they are anything like me, an entrepreneur. But how in the world can I help them stay ahead when I don’t even know what business is going to be like next week?

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The iPhone is only seven-years-old. To date, there have been over a million apps developed for the iOS app store, which only launched in the summer of 2008. And with millions of people around the world — especially the BRICs: Brazil, Russia, India and China — coming out of poverty and into the middle class, our future American generations face more competition than ever.

So, what do we need to teach them? I believe there are three critical languages future entrepreneurs must learn

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