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Have you decided that digital marketing is a great opportunity for your business only to find that it’s harder than it was promised?

Are you creating sales pages, landing pages, blog articles, strong call-to-actions and sales funnels but it’s not working the way the experts said it would?

Does something seem wrong, amiss and or incomplete?

If your results are not at all what you expected, there is a reason.

For nearly eighteen months I used to read up to fifty blog articles every week. Unfortunately, over the last several months I’ve backed way down from that.


For one simple reason… it’s obvious that most people are attempting to employ a digital strategy without any hint that there is a person on the other side of the screen.

Many blogs are impersonal, boring, repetitive (there are a thousand other blogs that are saying the same thing) and are saying absolutely nothing of value to me.

There is no

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