This article was written by Phillip Thune and originally appeared on in September 2015.

According to the Cone Communications Social Impact Study, 90% of U.S. consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given similar quality and price. So not only is supporting a cause good for the soul, but it’s good for business, as long as companies channel their marketing efforts to reflect their emphasis on social responsibility. To get the highest impact from cause marketing, hone the following:

  • Cause
  • Message
  • Awareness Efforts

Choose a Worthy Cause
A brand must pick a cause that’s in-line with its values and significant to its target audience. To conjure up different potential causes to support, ask questions and do research. The personal care brand Dove, for instance, conducted a study and found that only two percent of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful. In light of this information, Dove launched the campaign “Real

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business