get your business in the media

An important part of marketing a small business should be gaining press coverage. But attracting media attention can be an art in itself.

Journalists like me get pitched every day, often multiple times a day.  With so much coming at us, we journalists have to make quick decisions upon seeing an email or press release.

Fortunately, there are some battle tested ways to get your brand in front of the media. Here are 28 ways to get media coverage for your business.

How to Get Your Business in the Media

1. Know What The Media Outlet Covers

The biggest problem with most media pitches is that they are mismatched with what the publication, show or individual journalist covers.

Every media outlet has a style all its own based on its audience. Even if they cover the same news, different media outlets will cover it from different angles.  Journalists may have specific “beats.” So not only does your news have to match, but your angle has to match, too. You can only learn these nuances by

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Source: Small Business Trends