LinkedInIn the past, geographical restrictions may have prevented you from networking with those in your particular field of interest or business. Launched back in 2003, LinkedIn has made it far easier to network on-line with your ideal fellow professionals and to help grow your business. “21 Days to Success with LinkedIn” follows the activities and lessons learned by a marketer being mentored in the use of LinkedIn, and underlines how simple and powerful it can be to master the use of LinkedIn for your business.

What is “21 Days to Success with LinkedIn” About

“21 Days to Success with LinkedIn” covers a three-week period in the life of the fictional character Gnik Rowten, the owner of a year-old marketing firm. Gnik decides that he wants to use LinkedIn to improve his business network and connections, and the book takes a look at how, with help from friends and mentors, he learns how to use the most common features available from a free LinkedIn account.

Gnik’s mentors are real life

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Source: Small Business Trends