make meetings more effective

Meetings meant to work toward a specific solution can become more of an unproductive brainstorming session than anything else. That’s why we asked 13 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

“What framework can I use to make meetings slated for problem-solving more effective?”

How To Make Meetings More Effective

Use the Business Model Canvas

“The Business Model Canvas is a process that holistically addresses the multi sided nature of developing successful business solutions. It systematically aligns stakeholder interests from your clients to your supply chain and investors, which helps you yield viable, actionable solutions.” ~ Christopher KellyConvene

Take Down the Walls

“Too often, meetings for problem-solving are rigid, coordinated events. Rather than sticking to a structured approach, find someone who is competent at taking good notes and allow your team to “hash it out” the old-fashioned way: in a room, talking to one another without

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Source: Small Business Trends