Watching the number of visitors to your site grow is pretty awesome – who wouldn’t want to see results like this?


But, visits alone do not equate to a successful business. To make money, you’ve got to convert at least some of those visitors and turn them into customers. Thankfully, there’s plenty that you can do to get the ball rolling and start turning a popular website into a profitable website.

Read on for 10 growth hacks you can use to help turn your visitors into customers:

Implement Live Chat

Recently, I wrote about how you can leverage live chat to offer an improved service to your customers and increase conversions. In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

The last few years have seen the adoption of live chat by both companies and consumers expand exponentially.


Why? Consumers love it because they can get their questions answered almost immediately, with minimum hassle:


Companies, on the other hand, love it because it’s so cost-effective (Virgin Atlantic stated

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Source: Sujan Patel